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Not every organization or business has the same needs or requirements when it comes to their Information Technology environment. Flexibility is key to our approach to managing your computer systems. Many businesses are spending more than they need to when it comes to managed support and services.

Some businesses may benefit from a set, pre-determined IT budget. But most of the benefits come in the form of simplified budgeting, accounts payable tasks etc. and the actual technology benefits are not there. We have found that this approach is too rigid and actually results in increased IT costs. It works great for the IT Service Provider, but not for the customer.

CS2 Computers takes a different approach. Essential components to your network and data are monitored and systems are scanned, updated and checked on a scheduled basis. In a nutshell, we will remain vigilant with security, make sure your data is backed up and make sure your systems are patched and up to date. So you will be paying for monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly maintenance. You may find that one month IT expenses are increased while upgrade projects took place, but the following month IT expenses are greatly reduced. Not all of your computer systems require the same amount of attention. Some may be running more applications or more demanding applications. And some are critical to the success of your business, while others are more generic or simplified in nature.

Your business will benefit from this flexibility when it comes to on premise computers, servers and cloud infrastructure. Some users may need the high end, ultra-portable laptop, but others will get all of their work done with a system at half the price. Likewise, your internal data may need to be saved and shared on a server that can handle larger groups of users and additional compliance and security tasks or the data may be perfectly fine on a storage device better suited for smaller teams. Cloud infrastructure is also extremely flexible where additional services and servers can be purchased and enabled as needed.

We have been in business since 2003 and have many clients that have been with us from day one. Almost all of these clients are managed differently. We just ask that a commitment is made to handle things the right way and certain key elements are not neglected. We are happy to provide references upon request. We will work with you to provide the best, most cost efficient IT Services possible.

We provide IT Solutions and Services that are unique to your business.

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