Custom Business Networking Services


Network Design & Planning
Customized planning and design for your small to medium size business network. New network design, network infrastructure upgrades. Planning to address single or multi-site networks.

Server, Workstation & Printer Setup
Sales, integration and support for all computer and server hardware and operating systems. All new systems sold with 3-year manufacturer warranties. New systems are unboxed, tested, updated and streamlined before being brought on site. Data, settings and applications are migrated to new hardware to ensure a smooth and less disruptive changeover for staff. Systems are monitored and checked on schedule that works best for customer. Maintenance done based on system workload and client budgets, not a pre-determined per computer cost. Printer software installation and printer sharing done for small and large user groups.

Network Cabling & Wiring

New wiring installed by licensed and insured professionals. Ethernet run to all desired computer workstations, desk phones, servers, printers, surveillance cameras and other network devices as needed. Ethernet and Fiber wiring can also be installed to connect buildings located on the same campus or property.

Network Switches
Network or Ethernet Switches are often referred to as the “backbone” of your network. We can install managed switches to address more complex network requirements or unmanaged for standard network requirements. We utilize only best equipment in the industry. The right switches will greatly improve network performance and reliability.

Wireless Network Setup & Security
Installation and support for wireless networks. Wireless Access points which are connected via “hard wire” Ethernet back to your server room or data center. Utilization of the latest security and encryption protocols. Wireless network management with personnel changes. Updates and maintenance for wireless networks. Protection and separation of Production and Guest Networks.

Remote Access to Office
Virtual Private Networking or “VPN” integration and support. Secure connections can be made utilizing private, corporate owned VPN endpoints or third party security service providers. Monitor, Update and manage VPN servers as needed and on scheduled basis. Revoke access as needed. Test connectivity

Cloud Computing
Migration to and management of cloud services. User management, licensing, security, data access, integration with on premise systems and compliance. Many cloud services are not at their most secure “out of the box”.