Managed IT or Managed Services help to control costs, but also greatly improve productivity, reliability and security and allow for scalability. In essence, they are a popular solution for businesses large and small. Managed IT is also necessary for organizations that have a complex set of applications that tend to be inefficient when not managed proactively or by staff who have not developed a proper understanding of how everything works. One of the main benefits of managed IT is that it maximizes the capacity of your already established in-house team. Many of the aspects of systems management include repetitive, time consuming tasks like application updating and management, providing user access and permission, and of course troubleshooting.

In essence, members of your IT staff are constantly on-call in order to address the support needs of your employees and customers/clients. The good news is that by incorporating managed services into the fold, your managed services provider will be able to support those needs moving forward. The bottom line is that managed IT provides your team with the ability to spend their time on more important business-related needs. In addition, managed services provide your business with a high-level of expertise that you may not currently have on staff. For example, a managed service provider works directly with IT professionals who have different areas of expertise.

That means you can have different people doing different things without the need to directly hire multiple positions. You can simply trust that the IT experts who we employ are highly knowledgeable. They also have the highest levels of ongoing training in order to support all of your information technology needs. There is another reason why organizations both small and large work with managed IT service providers. It is far more affordable. For example, you only pay for the services that you need at any given time.

In essence, those time consuming and menial tasks such as updating software, or troubleshooting systems no longer need to be left in the hands of your full time IT staff or staff who are not qualified. You can actually pay for the level of expertise, and the time that it takes to perform those tasks. When you have your direct employees take care of these menial tasks, you end up spending significantly more money in the long run. Not only are you paying their salaries, you’re also paying for their benefits such as medical insurance, vacation days, holidays, and sick days to name a few.

CS2 Computers has been providing professional IT and Computer services since 2003. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we are an established business with clients in a wide variety of industries. We are experienced in supporting, integrating, and maintaining Hybrid IT environments. Our technicians are industry certified and possess many years of training and experience in large corporate environments coupled with over 15 years in the Small to Medium or “SMB” space.

This provides us with a unique approach to both IT Services and Consulting. Whether you are a one-person operation or a publicly-traded company with hundreds of employees, CS2 has the experience and expertise to make your technology an asset. CS2 Computers has been fortunate enough to work with and for some of the best organizations in New England. Contact us to learn more.