As you know, managed IT services are an investment, and with all investments it is important to think about how the return on that investment will benefit your organization. The good news is that there are a great deal of benefits when taking a managed approach to IT. Perhaps the top benefits to managed IT or managed services revolves around the financial outcomes. For example, user productivity vastly increases with less downtime and work disruptions. Business leaders and IT managers look toward technology in order to improve productivity. Technology also greatly enhances the manner in which you conduct business.

However, when your technology does not accomplish that, there is a large issue at hand. In essence, whenever your employees or end users cannot work, you end up losing money. According to a recent study, downtime that is not planned costs companies $58,118 per every ten (10) users. In addition, the average employee loses 12.4 hours per year because of server downtime and 6.2 hours per year due to network downtime. However, by employing managed IT or managed services you can significantly reduce both server and network downtime.

In some cases, you can reach upwards of an 85% reduction. Did you know that switching to a managed IT or managed service provider considerably reduces infrastructure costs as well? For example, when a managed IT or managed service provider is responsible for operating the infrastructure, your organization has the ability to downsize the vast amount of infrastructure that you have either on-site or at data centers. That means you will save a tremendous amount of money on the hardware alone. However, you also need to consider all of that space that is needed to house the hardware.

By switching over to a managed IT or managed services system you will also realize savings on software licensing, consulting fees, and training classes. In essence, when you work with a single provider the entire process is streamlined, which means it is also managed a whole lot better. According to the same recent study, organizations that made the switch to managed IT or managed services saved $14,680 for every ten (10) users on a yearly basis in regards to cost-related saving on infrastructure alone. Last but certainly not least; IT staff production will go up significantly as well. Instead of focusing on user issues, they can focus on far more important tasks.

CS2 Computers has been providing professional IT and Computer services since 2003. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we are an established business with clients in a wide variety of industries. Although we have primarily focused on working with small to midsize organizations, we certainly are not limited to utilizing only consumer-grade products. We are experienced in wireless network design, planning, and security for small and large facilities. Our technicians are industry certified, with several years of training and experience in large corporate environments coupled with over 15 years in the Small to Medium or “SMB” space.

This provides us with a unique approach to both IT Services and Consulting. Whether you are a one-person operation or a publicly-traded company with hundreds of employees, CS2 has the experience and expertise to make your technology an asset. CS2 Computers has been fortunate enough to work with and for some of the best Biotech Companies, Social Service Agencies, Law Firms, Business and Medical Professionals and Service Providers in New England.