Did you know that security and threat management, also known as cyber threat management, is a framework that is utilized by cyber security experts in order to effectively manage the life cycle of a cyber threat? In essence, security and threat management is the effort to both identify and respond to cyber threats in the fastest and most accurate manner possible. In addition, the security and threat management process should seamlessly integrate between the people in your organization, your process and procedures, and technology that outdistances these cyber threats.

Security and threat management systems are incredibly important because businesses can save millions of dollars when data breaches are detected sooner rather than later. This also happens to be an area where the vast major of organizations in the Worcester, MA area are struggling to keep up. This is due to the constantly increasing number of cyber threats, and the constantly increasing skills of the cyber criminals. That means having a proper security and threat management system in place is more important than ever.

The bottom line is that it will vastly increase the relationship between people, process, and technology. You need to take an all hands on deck approach in order to fight both the threat and the implementation of cyber attacks. It will provide your organization with the ability to not only detect cyber threats in a faster manner; it will also provide your people with the ability to respond to those threats faster. Both large and small businesses that successfully put into practice a security and threat management system also benefit greatly because they are in a state of constant and consistent improvement based on measurement and reporting through built in processes.

In effect, it will greatly increase your team’s cyber security skill, and help boost morale. Just think about how happy your employees are when they actually catch a cyber criminal in the act before they cause any damage? So why is it so incredibly difficult to protect your computer systems against sophisticated and unrelenting threats? Typically speaking, it is due to the fact that they cyber criminals are constantly advancing in their techniques, and constantly updating their hardware and software. That means it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with them. That is why you need to work with a cyber security expert that specializes in implementing and maintaining security and threat management systems that truly work.

CS2 Computers has been providing professional IT and Computer services since 2003. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we are an established business with clients in a wide variety of industries. Although we have primarily focused on working with small to midsize organizations, we are not limited to utilizing only consumer grade products. We are experienced in wireless network design, planning and security for small and large facilities. Our company has a great deal of industry certifications and many years of training and experience in large corporate environments coupled with over 15 years in the Small to Medium or “SMB” space.

This provides us with a unique approach to both IT Services and Consulting. Whether you are a one-person operation, or a publicly traded company with hundreds of employees, CS2 has the experience and expertise to make your technology an asset. CS2 Computers has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best Biotech Companies, Social Service Agencies, Law Firms, Business and Medical Professionals and Service Providers.