Did you know that cyber attacks are at the top of the list of serious threats that most organizations must deal with on a daily basis? In fact, approximately 50% of small to mid size businesses in New England suffer from losses that are directly related to malware infections. Although this happens each and every day, many companies fail to pay enough attention to their cyber security based needs. Most small to mid size organizations are under the false impression that built-in Internet based security software alone will protect their valuable data.

This is unfortunate and can be a costly misconception. If it’s not already in place, your business needs anti-virus support and virus removal services in the event your computer system is infected.

First and foremost, ransomware is perhaps the most menacing form of malware. Ransomware is incredibly hard to detect and next to impossible to fix. In essence, ransomware freezes access to all of the files that are stored on the hard drives of your computers. In some cases, ransomware will block your access to the entire computer system.

If a hacker installs ransomware on your computer system, they will typically demand that the business owner pays them a ransom in order to restore the data and operation of the system. The vast majority of business owners end up paying the ransom or risk losing the data forever. The only way to truly protect your data and computer network from ransomware is to hire a professional that specializes in providing small to mid sized companies with antivirus support and virus removal services. Protecting the financial and personal data of your customers, employees and the business itself is incredibly important.

It means that you must have a comprehensive plan to protect your computer network and systems against Spyware, Viruses and Ransomware.

That also means you need to keep all bank account information, credit card information, password information and other sensitive information out of the hands of cyber thieves. Data backups must also be part of your overall recovery solution. The bottom line is that it pays to protect yourself at all costs. Investing in antivirus support and virus removal services is worth its weight in gold. The question that you need to ask yourself is, why risk the reputation of your business and the potential loss of revenue when you really don’t have to?

CS2 Computers has been providing professional IT and Computer services since 2003. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we are an established business with clients in a wide variety of industries. We have been helping organizations protect their data, systems and networks for many years. Our technicians have a great deal of industry certifications and many years of training and experience in large corporate environments coupled with over 15 years in the Small to Medium or “SMB” space.

This provides us with a unique approach to both IT Services and Consulting. Whether you are a one-person operation, or a publicly traded company with hundreds of employees, CS2 has the experience and expertise to make your technology an asset. CS2 Computers has been fortunate enough to work with and for some of the best Biotech Companies, Social Service Agencies, Law Firms, Business and Medical Professionals and Service Providers throughout New England.